Conduit Pipes & Bends

Nircon Plus offers high quality uPVC Conduit Pipes that cater to the requirements of numerous sectors and industries. Their smooth interior finish facilitates easy drawing of wires in electrical systems, and a host of features that make them an excellent choice for concealed and visible wiring.



Durable, life of over 50 years


Shock proof, excellent insulation and dielectric properties, immune to ground currents

Easy to install, very smooth inside surface allows drawing of wired easy, no threading required

Light weight, easy to carry and install

Self extinguishing



Chemical resistant, high resistance to acid, oil, water, fungi and bacteria, can be used in any surroundings

Anti corrosive, weather proof and resistant to chemicals

Excellent finish, requires no colouring and adds to the aesthetic value of structure

Can be safely embedded in lime, cement mortar and concrete



Maintenance proof




Corrosion Resistant

High Strength

Self Extinguishing

Maintenance Proof

Shock Proof


Open and concealed wiring in houses, residential and commercial buildings.

Open and concealed wiring in plants

Traffic signal connections, street light & wiring at public places