HDPE Coils & Sprinkler Pipes

Nircon manufactures high quality HDPE Coil Pipes. These pipes are made of high density Poly Ethylene Polyers and offer many advantages over traditional pipes. Nircon HDPE Pipes are available in PE-63, PE-80 and PE-100 and range 20mm to 100mm sizes in pressure ratings of PN-2.5, PN-4.0, PN-6, PN-8 and PN-10.

Nircon also manufactures premium quality HDPE Sprinkler Pipes with Various unique advantages as compared to traditional pipes. These are low maintenance, high durability pipes which allow efficient, hassle-free sprinkler set ups.

Pipes are made in accordance with IS: 17425 (Part 2) & IS: 4984.



Corrosion Resistant

High Strength

UV Resistant

Easy To Install

Chemicals Resistant

Non Conductor Of Heat & Electricity

Easy To Repair & Replace

Economical as compared to traditional pipe materials

Very good thermal insulation due to low thermal conductivity

Resistant to chemicals – exceptional resistance to internal and external corrosion

Smooth bore for minimal head loss, approximately 30% lower flow resistance than conventional pipes allows use of small bore pipe for a given rate of flow

Resistant to electrolytic corrosion

No risk of ageing because of perfect stability or material

Does not rust or rot

Completely neutral towards products conveyed

Welded joints speed up installation, reduced trench widths lead to saving in the cost of excavation and back filling

Low maintenance cost



Very light weight – one-sixth the weight of steel, allows easy transportation, handling and fitting

East to install


Longer life than GI, MS, Cement and other pipes




Potable water supply


Gas Transmission

Industrial Effluents

Telephone Cable Duction

Sewerage & Drainage

Sprinkler System

Slurry Transportation

Chemical Industries