SWR Ring Fitting

Nircon SWR piping system is an effective solution for soil, Waste and Rainwater. They have varied application across commercial, industrial, housing & public sector. Our continuous focus towards quality and customer feedback helps us provide innovative SWR solutions in the market. Now with World Class Seals, Nircon ensures a leak proof joint and long lasting performance.


Product Range

Ring-O-Socket: With ring type socket at one end, available in 75 to 160mm sizes.

Selfit SWR PVC Pipes: Available in 75 to 160mm sizes



  • Light weight, easier and quicker to install than cast iron or cement pipes
  • High chemical resistance – highly resistant to acids, alkalis, cement, lime, oil and domestic affluents.
  • Free flow because of smooth inside surface.
  • Durable – weather proof, resistant to sunlight, termite, bacteria and fungus.